Everything at One Helluva Homemaker is designed to help you make your house a home! We are all homemakers, whether we stay home from work, go to work, live in an apartment, a yacht or a garage. Our space is our home, and we can choose to do nothing and therefore leave the space unchanged by our presence, or we can take control and make it something incredible. It won't ever be perfect, but we can still give it our best and be One Helluva Homemaker


Ever wonder if you're the only one making stupid mistakes all the time? Does it feel like you are in it all by yourself? Or do you sometimes just want to laugh at someone else's mistakes? This is the section for you. Sometimes I find that just reading about someone else who has gone through or is going through the same thing as me makes all the difference. I have come to accept and love that I'm not perfect but I can and am One Helluva Homemaker.

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There are so many Do it Yourself types of blogs. That's why at One Helluva Homemaker, there will be tons of DIY projects that are easy to do and don't need to be perfect. I might occasionally throw a challenge in there, but these are meant to help you fell empowered, not overwhelm you by trying to have the perfect piece. These DIY projects will help you just get it done. No need to deliberate, no need to be afraid of failure. I will show you my many failures and shortcuts in each post and show you how it looks when I did take the easy way out. We're not about being Pinterest Perfect here. You don't have to be perfect to be One Helluva Homemaker.

Family Fun

Sometimes you just need ideas. I want ideas that are easy to do and can create memories. I don't need something that is going to require a lot of planning or that will force me to go to the store and spend a fortune. Just some simple ideas please! I'm not much of a planner so all of the ideas on here will be easy, quick and FUN! Also, inexpensive, because you don't need money to have fun together as a family. Creating memories can help you feel like One Helluva Homemaker.

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When I see recipes on Facebook or other blogs I frequently think, I don't got time for that! All of the recipes on this website will be delicious (or at least rated so you know if they are not), but they will be FAST and EASY. Every recipe will be tagged with whether it is healthy or not so that you always know what you're getting and you don't have to scroll through a whole post before you know if it is going to meet your diet restrictions or not. I will put all of that information right at the very beginning! Having a bunch of yummy, easy recipes on hand is one thing that has helped me to be One Helluva Homemaker.