12 Moments When Your Baby WILL NOT Sleep Through the Night

Some parents are lucky and their baby starts sleeping through the night. Other parents are extremely talented and they lull their baby into a tender unconsciousness for the duration of the night.I have not been so lucky. My baby will not sleep through the night.

We have tried everything it feels like. He eats a ton and wakes up to eat all the time and he REALLY eats! I think we are just doomed to endure. When your baby will not sleep through the night, I think you are with me on these 12 moments you get to embrace.

1. When you make sure his bedtime routine has been performed with perfection and he has been properly pampered:

2. When you got him to go to sleep and you’re pretty sure tonight’s the night:

3. When you just have to check on him one last time:

4. When you hear him start to fuss and realize once again, your baby will not sleep through the night:

5. When you wish your husband would shout this:

6. When you climb back into bed, are on the brink of falling asleep and you hear him:

7. When you wake, but you knew it was coming and it’s probably the last time:

8. When it wasn’t the last time and you’re up 30 minutes later:

9. When that wasn’t the last time either and you’re up 30 minutes later again:


10. When your alarm clock goes off:

11. When you try to be a normal person every day:

No one can know for certain how long this will last. Our son is almost 6 months old… and that baby will not sleep through the night. I long for and pray for the day when I find moment number 12.

12. When you finally wake up and realize it’s the morning and the last time you were conscious is when you chose to go to bed:


If you want to read about one of my ACTUAL horrible nights, ENJOY!

2 thoughts on “12 Moments When Your Baby WILL NOT Sleep Through the Night

  1. Yes. Yes, yes, yes to all of these! Especially 5,7, and 8!
    Our first was a terrible sleeper, and I always wondered about people with babies who slept through the night from 6 weeks on! This time around though, our baby girl is like me, and looooves to sleep! Hallelujah! She doesn’t sleep through the night yet, but it’s definitely not as bad as with my son.
    Good luck with your little man! Sleep will eventually come!

    1. I always think they’ve got to be lying. hahaha. Great job on baby girl! Ours didn’t start sleeping through the night til 6 months so I am just praying our son is the same way. I can do 3 more weeks of this… right?

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