one helluva homemaker & her baby playing in a field
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enjoying the sweet moments with my son


One Helluva Homemaker provides life stories, DIY projects, family funtivities, and maybe the occasional recipe for the imperfect people in the world. When I am online, I like to look at things that uplift me and make me feel empowered. Reading about other people's humanity makes me feel better about my own. Because of that, I promise to never edit out mistakes just to save myself some embarrassment. I am not perfect and my blog will never suggest that I am.

Everything in the blog is simple and manageable. I've learned that if I am constantly worried about getting everything perfect, I'm going to be overwhelmed at the sheer amount of tasks I have to complete. It’s meant to be a resource for you, not a more complicated To Do list. Look up simple recipes, find something fun to do when you're bored, read one of my many stories if you're feeling down or create something with easily attainable supplies. Your family life will be more manageable so that you can have time to do all the things that matter most


My name is Jennifer Taylor and I try to be a homemaker. I love my family, my home, working on projects, coming up with new ideas, making life simpler and working with people. I have two beautiful children, one loving husband and a cat. We live in the Detroit Metro area and absolutely love it!

I have lived in Alaska, Colorado, Washington, Utah, California, Italy, North Carolina, China and now Michigan. We have visited Mexico, Switzerland, Turkey, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Venezuela, Honduras and many of the Caribbean Islands.

I have been very fortunate to see so much of the world and have learned so much. We are all different, but we are also very much the same. We all have families, we all want happiness and we all want to feel love and be loved.


I want to be here for you if you have any questions, concerns, or just need advice. I am here for you to help be a support. We all need to feel loved and supported, so I would love to be another branch in your support network.


Thank you so much for visiting One Helluva Homemaker! My hope is that by being open and honest with you here, you are reminded to love and accept yourself no matter what faults you may believe you have, because you really are amazing. You are already One Helluva Homemaker. Welcome to the fold of imperfect ladies who still kick some serious booty!