Spoiled Camping with Two Little Ones

Austin and I had the awesome opportunity to go camping with our kids. Granted, it was a very easy, spoiled camping trip. This trip took very little effort on our part, but at least it inspired us to do more camping in the future.

Here’s a video of our fun!

Why I Call it Spoiled Camping

Spoiled Meals

We went with my parents and they had a motorhome, an awesome tent for us and a fun little pool for the babies. Unfortunately, the campsite didn’t allow campfires…. ummmm… isn’t that what camping is all about? So as much as we might have liked to make campfire meals, we used the motorhome instead. Pasta one night, yummy sandwiches, yogurts and fruits.

So, let’s be honest. It was less like camping and more like hanging out in a motor home with televisions and cell signals. But, Austin, the kids & I all slept in a tent.

Spoiled Sleeping in a Tent

Yes, we slept in a tent. Siena had a cushioned cot above the ground. Grayson had a pack and play. Austin and I had an air mattress. In case you haven’t put the pieces together, it was a really big tent. Again, all of this stuff was provided by my parents. So, yeah, we slept in a tent. But really we slept on 3 different beds for four people.

spoiled camping in a tent

Spoiled Hygiene

I took a shower right before we left, preparing for the worst. We were going to be gone two nights. And we probably weren’t all going to take turns in the motorhome shower.

However, after being there for about 24 hours, we found out there was a shower there. I didn’t want to go and shower immediately, but I was starting to smell. So, that night, Austin and I went down to the showers.

My preconceived notion was cement floors, gross plastic shower curtains and fluorescent lights that had been darkened by millions of moth wings.

No, no, no! The bathrooms were well-lit, showers had stalls that locked and tile floors. AND, there was a giant heat lamp over the shower stalls. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

And of course while I’m showering, a couple of girls come in and are using the stall next to me. One of them says, “ew! There’s spiders in here.”

I looked around and couldn’t identify what they thought were spiders. I didn’t see any bugs.

“This shower is horrible!”

What were they expecting? It seemed way nicer than any camping shower I’ve ever been to. We’re not at a hotel. I couldn’t help but chuckle at our drastically different reactions.

Spoiled Camping because of All the Time

It was awesome being able to spend time with my family and my kids. Our kids loved playing together. They loved splashing around in the pool, especially when the days got super hot.

We went on a hike with my sister and brother-in-law.


And we got to play games and enjoy each other’s company. All in all, it has inspired Austin and I to go on more adventures with our kids and make some more memories. We can’t wait to get back to Michigan and go on some journeys.


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